Exfoliating Your Largest Organ – Your Skin

What lands on your windscreen also lands on your largest organ…YOUR SKIN

It is the end of summer and after the heat and humidity of the past few months you should be exfoliating at least once per week. Exfoliating will give you a healthy glow and stop that fading tan from looking grey/dirty. Remember not only your face and neck but your whole body including hands and feet need to be pampered.

younger looking skinExfoliating will keep your skin looking younger longer and give it a healthy glow; it also will keep fine lines at bay or reduce their appearance. Buffing the skin i.e. removing the top layer of dead cells will instantly give you a glow and your skin will feel lovely and smooth. Another benefit is that it will stop the pores from clogging causing black and white heads to form. Clogged pores are often a huge contributor to acne but care should be taken not to irritate the skin which often is very sensitive.

Your skin type will define how often and what type of defoliator you should use i.e. dry skin should have the top layer removed gently each week and hardier skins which are often oilier twice a week or alternate days. You can use a natural bristle brush for the body or exfoliating body scrub, which can also be used on hands and the feet as well as a pumice stone. Delicate areas such as the face, neck (don’t forget the back of the neck) and décolleté you should use the appropriate product for your skin type.

Cosmetic companies always talk about the wonderful ingredients in their products but if they are sitting on a dried out layer of cells they will have a much lessened effect treating the skin.

Remember the way you treat your skin now will have a direct effect as you age to whether you will have a healthy and younger looking skin in years to come.

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