3694683870_388a3bb9d9_oYou should never share mascara with anyone as the chance of infection to your eyes is greatly increased. Mascara wands have the perfect home for bacteria and therefore you should always replace your mascara every four months.

I recommend that you use a non oily eye makeup remover which is gentle to the delicate skin around the eye. No scrubbing just dampen a cotton pad and hold it for a few seconds over the eye area and allow the remover to act before then gently wiping to the side.

If you have sensitive eyes- look for a water based formula, fragrance free that will lengthen and separate lashes so there is no clumping or smudging under the eyes.

Waterproof mascara – prevents mascara from running when exposed to humid weather, water, perspiration or tears. To remove mascara you will need to use an eye makeup remover.

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