Styling for Women

Colour Profiling

Colour Profiling

Discover your perfect colour palette and see the difference it makes choosing your unique enhancing colours when selecting suits, dresses, tops, casual clothes, footwear and accessories. You will notice a higher level of confidence when dressed in your signature colours.

Wardrobe Detox for Women

Wardrobe Detox

Is opening your wardrobe depressing?
Unsure of what to wear?
Is your wardrobe in a time warp i.e. full of clothes that you have had for years, been given as gifts and bought randomly that do not combine to create the image you wish to project?
Put your worries away and let Olivia help you with the tricks, tips and strategies so you can plan a fabulous wardrobe.
What this means is you will look great and feel fantastic.

Personal Shopping

Personal Shopping for Women

Learn what clothes to purchase and avoid when shopping using the “OPS System” (“Olivia Purchasing System”) developed by Olivia through years of helping clients. Experience having personally selected clothing and accessories chosen for you. When added to your wardrobe the items will co-ordinate and accessorise correctly. The true value of shopping should compliment and portray a positive image.

style makeover women

Womens Makeover

Tired of the same look?
Have you had the same hairstyle for the last 3 years?
Has your body changed, and your not sure what to buy?
Does your makeup look dated?
Want to ensure your personality is projected in your “Signature Style” and not be slotted into a stereo type image. As an experienced personal stylist I will help you develop the confidence to dress with style and individuality in your business and personal life.

Make-up Tuition

Make-up Tuition

Do you wear the same style of makeup for both daytime and evening? Are you still wearing the same makeup style you wore in your 20’s? Have you got a basket full of makeup you have purchased but don’t know how to wear?
Individual makeup tuition or groups of 4- 6 can be arranged at your home to learn new skills or update your application to reflect the current looks whilst still being age appropriate. Daytime, work and evening styles for your face and eye shape will be taught allowing time for you to master the techniques for each look.
You will receive your own personal application notes.


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